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Let Five Star make your moving project a pleasurable one. With a fleet of 24' straight trucks, tractor trailers, modern moving equipment and accessories, Five Star will guarantee your product is moved safely and efficiently. Five Star is a fully insured and licensed moving company (License # PC00767 - Board of Public movers and warehousemen). Five Star will insure that your project site will be fully protected with wall and floor protection.

With the ability to warehouse product, Five Star can receive your product at our warehouse and deliver it whenever you need it. We at Five Star have found it helpful to receive product early for a project at our warehouse, giving us the ability to check your product thoroughly for shortages or damage. We are then ready for your call to tell us if your work area is ready, or if perhaps there has been a delay. This however is not a problem for Five Star. At least we know that the product is ready at anytime for delivery. Or maybe your project has to be done in phases. Five Star can pull from a complete order at our warehouse the phases you need done - ALL AT YOUR CONVENIENCE.



With the high price of real estate these days, why lose any space to extra product, files or equipment that is not needed at the present. Let Five Star Installation store your product in our 33,000 sq. foot warehouse. With a full time warehouse staff and an accurate and updated inventory, we can store your product safely in our climate controlled warehouse. The, with just a phone call telling us that you may need some product from your inventory, Five Star can deliver upon request anything that you may need. No matter if it is short term or long term, let Five Star help you utilize your valuable workspace to the fullest. It is so efficient, you'll wonder why you did not think of it sooner.


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